Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have to say, it's a good thing we privatized most of our public works around here. Once upon a time, all we had were lazy public workers, with their "unions" and their "pensions" and their "benefits." Tax leeches, just like teachers, firefighters, and police. Who needs 'em?

But just look at this man. Now here's the efficiency of the private sector at work. This man hasn't moved in almost twenty minutes, but when he does? I'll bet he's the very picture of that can-do American spirit, the essence of that free enterprise system that makes us great, a man full of get up and go!

All right. Twenty-two minutes later, we seem to be working on the "get up" part. Now that's the spirit. Privatization sure worked for us. Why not try it in your community? Be sure to vote Republican to bring private sector efficiency to a city near you.

Very Truly Yours,