Thursday, July 15, 2010


Spam with cans.jpeg
The only SPAM I like.

To All Of You Who Write To Me:

You have probably heard by now that I am in Spain and desperately need money.

I ain't.

No, I'm still right here in Providence. And, though some extra cash would be nice, I didn't ask you to wire me any. Not to Spain, or Nigeria, or anywhere else. But you probably knew that.

Nope. My email has been hacked good and I'm currently locked out and trying to get it back. So don't send money. Or waste time sending your lovely letters for now, as they'll only go to a spammer who won't appreciate them. May he rot in hell forever.

I'll let you all know if I get my account back. And maybe keep an eye on your junk mail in case I have to start over with a new email. Ugh.

I knew I had a problem when I tried to log in and was asked my "secret question"... what is your mother's birthplace? Whatever question I chose way back when I opened the account, I know it wasn't that. I have no idea where my mother was born. I never gave that any thought. Maybe I'll ask her.

So that's the deal for now. Sorry, and thanks.

Spammers: may they rot in hell forever.

Respectfully Yours,



Cricket said...

P.S. - Thanks to all of you who commented to let me know about the spammer. I didn't get the comments until just now, for the obvious reason, but I appreciate the effort.

And though in theory it's against my beliefs, I'm going to indulge myself:


Hilary said...

It's a good thing your people are a bright bunch and don't fall for such things. ;) I'm sorry for your aggravation, Cricket. I hope you sort things out soon.

Suldog said...

Glad to see you found out about it, though I'm sorry it happened. I'll certainly keep an eye out for anything that might be a new e-mail addy for you, and disregard anything that comes with attachments or anything else obviously bogus.

Land of shimp said...

Hehe, yup I replied to you yesterday on a separate email, letting you know you'd been hacked, Cricket :-)

I particularly liked the fact that "you" used the phrase "at the hotel where I am putting up" and specifically requested USD.

lime said...

oh no. i'm sorry to hear it. what a collassal pain in the rump. i had a similar problem years ago and was completely locked out of my account took months and tracking down phone numbers for yahoo. and several calls to have it all fixed. by then i'd moved on elsewhere and i am much happier.

Ananda girl said...

Thank goodness! And thanks to Suldog for the heads up. Very creative of him/her to use you... I thought it was a joke. Weird experience. A bad joke... sorry I thought it possible, but I could not think of any other explanation since I knew your ethic would never allow you to do that.

By the way... DIE SCAMMER DIE! is okay in this instance. I agree with all my heart.

Andy said...

Cricket, I read this a few days ago, but did not know if you would actually be able to receive a comment via e-mail due to the spammer deal.

I came back, and see that others have commented, so I will.

Man...what a true pain up the backside! You really do wonder how pointless one's life must be to spend it in such a way.

Like, knowing there is a day of reckoning to come...knowing there is a judgment day...knowing that there is a "pay day, someday," yet they turn a blind eye (and obviously a hardened heart) and go ahead on and jerk REAL Christian folks around anyhow.

May they rot in hell forever!

Just sayin'...

Cricket said...

Thanks all for the sympathy. I have my acct back now, so that's good. Fortunately, I check it pretty regularly so I found out within an hour or two, plus all sorts of people contacted or attempted to contact me and let me know. That helped too.

So anyway, I'm back in business for the moment and, if you helped or tried to in any way, thanks again.

Michelle H. said...

So sorry to hear all this happened. Glad you got your account back.

crazy4coens said...

you don't know where your mother was born?

Andy said...

My mother was born on Krypton.

Bossy Betty said...

I feel the same about spammers, but I would like them to suffer just a little more before you send them to Hades.

Shrinky said...

Send 'em on to me - I'll give them a good kick for you! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. sorry for their invasion, hope you get back to normality soon.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Cricket
That was a nasty experience and I agree all spammers should rot in hell. I was taken for a ride by a boiler house recently and I vow in the next life I will hunt them down and they will beg for mercy.

I was going to post your roast this Saturday. Please leave a comment on my blog if it is OK or if not I will pospone.
Best wishes