Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Porcupine's Picks

I love Thanksgiving without reservation. Christmas is more of a mixed bag for me. Not that I don't like it, I do. I just wish there were a whole lot less of it. I mean, I don't know anyone who has a Thanksgiving dinner the week before, or the day after. Maybe that happens but not in my world.

But right about this time every year, I start feeling like Christmas will never end. And it hasn't even started yet. And there it is.

So, if you're feeling as I am, or if you just need a laugh, here are some of my Christmas favorites: five songs and a video that, if they don't exactly put me in the proper Christmas spirit, at least help put a grin back on my face so I can fake it for one more gathering.


I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas: The first song I was aware of written specifically for us naughty children.

Run, Rudolph, Run: The definitive version, by Mr. Keith Richards. Nothing says Christmas like Keith: that rough-but-right voice and Telecaster turned up to brain damage? Can I get an Amen? I said can I get an Amen?

Father Christmas: A favorite of city kids everywhere. Save all your toys for the little rich boys.

Fairytale of New York: It was Christmas Eve in the drunk tank - and it just gets better. Happy Christmas yer arse!

It has come to my attention that some of you have never heard Mr Mojo's Christmas, by The Wise Men. This is completely unacceptable. If you've never heard this, you must click now. In fact, if you click only one link from this post, it must be THIS ONE. Really. If you don't laugh there's something wrong with you. Seek professional help.

I will admit, privately, that I have a soft spot for Rudolph and the Misfit Toys. I will even admit (whisper it quietly) that I own a stuffed Spotted Elephant. I will even go so far as to admit that I once watched the entire show just to attempt to settle with a friend of mine the question of what was misfit about the doll. So there's that.

Even so, here is what I consider to be a true Christmas masterpiece: Raging Rudolph, from MAD-TV. If you've never seen this... well, I won't spoil it. Just remember, kids, the moral of the story is "Keep your freakin' mouth shut!"


And there you have it: some of my personal Christmas favorites for when the mood fails me. I hope you enjoy them and, if not, at least we've increased our level of intimacy. There's always that. So until next time, I remain

Very Truly Yours,




CiCi said...

The best one is Mr Mojo's Christmas. These are really great. Thanks for the Christmas cheer.

Suldog said...

I had never seen that Mr. Mojo's Christmas bit before. Absolute genius. And hysterically funny for anyone familiar with The Doors.

Raging Rudolph is THE best parody ever. MAD-TV was great at those things. The one of Davey & Goliath (I think it was called "Son Of Goliath") was also amazingly good.

Hilary said...

Fun picks - some with which I was familiar.. some not. Loved Mr. Mojo's Christmas. I wasn't at all surprised to see Fairy Tale of NY among them.

Ananda girl said...

Mr Mojo... what a hoot! And yes, I'll give you an Amen! Great picks Porcupine. I hadn't heard a few, so it was fun to discover them here.

But I've got to admit that Fairy Tale of New York is my ultimate favorite.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have to click on the video - such a great parody, even though I hate myself for enjoying it so much (I love Rudolph!) I also feel just as guilty enjoying the Davey & Goliath one Suldog mentioned. sigh.
Thanks for the list - I'm not familiar with some of the songs, so this is truly an educational post!

ds said...

Yes, I've been educated by this post--only knew "Run Rudolph Run" before. Now it's a tie between "Mr. Mojo's Christmas" and "Fairy Tale of New York."
Thanks for the lesson ;)

Unknown said...

Familiar with most but not Raging Rudolph... will have to remedy that Cricket. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

James said...

Dude's voice nails Morrison, and the music sounds live in some places and original in others, well done!

Kittie Howard said...

When you have a chance, I've a little something for you at my place!

Kate said...

I found you from Jillsy Girl. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

lime said...

sigh...i'd enjoy them if i knew why my computer didn't let me have any sound. damn viruses i keep fighting...

so tell me what WAS misfit abotu the doll. for the life of me i couldn't discern it.

Cricket said...

Hi James - Thanks for stopping by and glad to see you back in Blogville.

Hi Lime - Heh, heh. You're right, it never says, she's just there. That's how the whole thing started. We were talking about the spotted elephant, the Charlie-in-a-Box, the train with square wheels... no one could remember what was wrong with the doll.

So we broke out the dvd and watched from start to finish. Nothing. It never says. Well, at least we learned why we couldn't answer the question.

Sueann said...

Mr. Mojo's Christmas is great!! Thanks for the link!
Wonderful picks...most I was not familiar with. So thanks for that too. You have enriched my celebration on this holiday totally!
Merry Christmas and congrats on your POTW award.

Maria said...

I loved the Fairytale of New York. It's cultural though. I'm from Dublin you see. Many of us speak like that over there.

Out on the prairie said...

Some nice selections.Kind of makes me want to eat reindeer for Christmas.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ha! I'd never heard of Mt. Mojo's Christmas before-- Amen and Merry Christmas.
Congrats on your POTW from Hilary.
Cheers, jj