Thursday, March 24, 2011


Broken Egg

I write essays. Poetry is not my natural medium. I admire people who write it often and well, but I am not one of them. Even so, every now and then, I manage to produce one. Many years ago I filled notebook after notebook with what was largely irredeemable garbage. This is one of the few I thought worth keeping. Once upon a time I might have called it Mad Boy's Love Song. Since I am neither of those things anymore, I will call it simply Villanelle. It isn't really, for reasons I have long forgotten, but it feels like one.


I dream I am an egg about to crack.
I tie myself with knotted bits of string
To hold myself together, front and back.

My shell is shattered into ragged shards
That somehow balance shakily on edge.
I tie myself with knotted bits of string.

But every time I move the tiny knots
Unravel, and I tie them up again
While elsewhere other parts begin to fray.

The broken shards of eggshell, razor sharp,
Each time I move, all rattle out of place,
And cut another strand of string away.

Yellow life-blood oozes at my seams.
The slippery cords begin to fall apart.
I tied myself with little bits of string,
A safety net that didn't mean a thing.


Depressing? Maybe, but we all have our moments, don't we? Though this poem no longer reflects my state of mind, I'm glad I kept it all the same. Perhaps we might all do well to remember a bit of advice a monk shared with me: Cheer up! It gets worse!

Respectfully Yours,



lime said...

thank you for the very kind mention.

also glad you saved this and shared it. i do like it as it captures a moment and a feeling well. as for the monk...well, i'd say he was quite poetic too, eh?

Kittie Howard said...

Lime's right, your poem captures a certain moment all of us can relate to. Glad you kept the poem. Perhaps you should think of showcasing it somewhere, perhaps The Rose and Thorn Journal.

Hilary said...

Yes, I'm sure we can all relate at some point or another. Some more often than others. Nicely done. And I think we're sort of on the same wavelength today. I posted a broken egg, as well.

Barbara said...

Perhaps it's not your natural medium, but you're obviously good at it. Wonderful imagery and insight. Glad you saved it!

CiCi said...

Having been in similar places throughout my life, it is interesting to read the words you used to save that time in your life. I like that the very thing used to keep from cracking is helping cut the strands away. Isn't it a good feeling to read and understand that this was where you were in your life back then and see how much you have changed? And grown. Have you written something describing the way you are now?

Suldog said...

It paints a great picture, that's for sure. Ever think of setting it to music?