Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth Folks.

I haven't posted in ages.   That's unlikely to change soon, unless I get sacked. Still, even these days, many of us get the Fourth of July off.   Which gives me time for... um... meditation.  Anyway, it occurs to me

In 1776, the conservatives of the day were the Tories. 

Either they were right or they were wrong.

If they were wrong, then this country was not founded by conservatives.

If they were right, we should have remained part of the British Empire.  Slavery would have been abolished peacefully by an Act of Parliament in 1833.   We'd quite likely all have National Health Care today, and we'd be living in a "socialist hell world" that looked strangely like... Canada.

Either answer should give today's Real Merkins something to think about.  Happy Fourth.

Very Truly Yours,



Suldog said...

Well, hello! Decided to stumble over here on the off chance that you had posted something lately. And so you had. Good food for thought, too.

lime said...

though i know what you were saying, just wondered if you were aware that "merkin" is a pubic wig....because ya know, it kind of helps make a point, intended or not.