Sunday, October 10, 2010


Photo of surf breaking on rocky shore

Mother Angelica walked by the seaside. A wave broke at her feet, splashing water on her. She shook a drop of water from her hand into the sea. Then the Lord spoke to her.

"Did you see that drop of water?"

"Yes, Lord."

"That is your sins, your faults, your failings. Do you see the ocean before you?"

"Yes, Lord."

"That is my mercy. If you looked for that drop, could you find it?"

"No, Lord."

"If you searched and searched, would you ever find it?"

"No, Lord."

"Then why do you keep looking?"


CiCi said...

This is great. I made a copy to include in my letter to my mom.
Instead of magnifying my faults, I try to work on the positive things and continue to grow as a person.

ds said...

Why, indeed? Thank you for this--it is so easy to believe our faults are the ocean...

Hilary said...

Very simple and very true. Thanks for this.

Zuzana said...

That was beautiful and very poignant post.;)
Thank you so much for your kind visit and words,

Unknown said...

Very powerful and very encouraging for some of us.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Because organized religion demands we look???