Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Charlie's Gift

The music is the message. There is no other message.

John McLaughlin


Once you reach a certain age, the best Christmas gifts are never under the tree. I've already received mine: a beautiful five year-old boy who still believes in all the magic. I can look into his eyes and hear every Christmas I ever had, every wish I have for him, every dream I hope he has when I tuck him in on Christmas Eve.

Maybe you can hear it too? Listen.

Respectfully Yours,



Cricket said...

I usually believe, to paraphrase Ralph Gleason, that if the music makes it, it doesn't matter how it was made, and if the music doesn't make it, then knowing how it was made is the most useless thing in the world.

Still, since I know some of you may be interested in matters technical: the track was realized as a single live performance using a Roland GR55 guitar synth and a looper. What you hear was what was played in the room.

Just for any enquiring minds.

silly rabbit said...

That was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it.

When I was a kid, Christmas was magical. When I became and adult, the magic faded, until I became a mother and like you, all the magic returned with my children's joy.

We are blessed by that!

Hilary said...

It sounds wonderful, Cricket. Beautifully done, Kidlets do create magic in our lives. They make everything brand new again.

Out on the prairie said...

Some very nice spirit to share.

CiCi said...

This is the sweetest Christmas music. It helps my wounded heart. It is so peaceful. Like angels playing. This is a gift for all of us.

Suldog said...

You gave me a preview listen of this, and, as you know, I enjoyed it immensely. Very well done.

Shrinky said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I've come over all Christmassy now..! And yes, the magic of Christmas through a child's eye is a fantastic thing to behold, isn't it? Love this little melody you've composed, how clever you are!

lime said...

how wonderful! and what a gift for you to share it with us.